For the Journey


Toward the end of every year I genuinely look forward to writing up a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m odd like that. I’m ok with being odd like that.  I think I enjoy it for a couple of reasons:

1) I LOVE learning new things. There is always some new art or skill I want to learn and the list is a promise to myself that this year I will be learning something that I have been itching to try.

2) Also, my resolutions list has a bucket list quality to it, since I include things like the tattoo that I want to add or the trip I want to take. Again, something I really want to do.  So, even though my list may or may not include the ever-present “lose 10 pounds” or “organize the garage” they are deposited in with a plethora of things that delight my soul so they don’t seem as daunting or dreadful. Continue reading “For the Journey”

Doing the Continental

Although Fred and Ginger pull it off beautifully:

But my fellow knitters are aware that what I mean  is Continental style knitting.  I have always knit English style or “throwing” as it is called, in which the yarn is wrapped or “thrown” around the needle before pulling it through to the front.  In Continental style the needle goes through and “picks” the yarn from the other side to bring it forward.  It sounds like a small variation, but there is a decided difference in speed and form. Continue reading “Doing the Continental”

The Answer to Everything


A few months ago I started frequenting my local yarn shop (lys) Knit Witts Yarn Shoppe in Evansville, Indiana.  Of course yarn shops always have my heart, but this shop is like having access to a piece of Nirvana when I feel the need.  They have couches, tables and chairs for folks to just come in, hang out and knit.  Chances are there will be others who show up with the same idea and the staff are a wealth of information and expert advise. Kelly is my hero.

One Wednesday I strolled in and found a group of ladies there knitting away.  I struck up a conversation with Tesla (great name!) and asked about the shawl she was knitting.  She was working on the Hitchhiker and it was coming out beautifully.  When I commented on the edging which has scalloped points she responded.  Yes, there’s 42.  I gasped, “Because the answer to everything is 42!!”  Although I had heard of this project before, until that moment I had no idea it was a pattern linked to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  She laughed and said “That’s the first time I didn’t have to explain that!”

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Knitting In the Apocalypse

Newsflash!  Knitting is a therapeutic activity.  Ok, so maybe not a newsflash, but nevertheless it is true as this article (and many others) bears out:

Health Benefits of Knitting

But the truth is, many of us instinctively knew this was true before we ever read any article or watched any report on it.  I cannot tell you the number of times that during a very stressful period of my life simply taking a break to knit just about saved my sanity.  Sometimes, because of the frustration and chaos of those times,  remembering to take those breaks would fall off the radar as I struggled to keep up with multiple things coming at me.  But the moment I picked up the needles again the tension level started subsiding.  I still had to go back and deal with the hot mess I was facing, but when I did, it was from a better, more grounded place.

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