Bluprint: A First Blush Review

For years, I knit simple blankets and scarves doing nothing more than knits and purls and variations thereof.  A few years ago I decided that since knitting made me so happy and it was something I genuinely loved and could do endlessly it was time to take my love and my craft more seriously.  Most of what I had learned had been pieced together from this and that.  A book here, a tip there, a tutorial or a blog post.  But I finally decided to really dig in and although there are still so many things I want and can’t wait to learn, I’m really happy with all the things I can do now that are so far beyond blankets and scarves.  I plan to keep learning and growing my craft for as long as I can.

Recently, I decided I needed to apply this same upgrade to my sewing.  In all honesty, I think I love sewing as much as knitting, but I know more about knitting so it’s my default mode when I want to begin a project.  But I have frequently looked admiringly and longingly at all the amazing handmade wardrobes being created and I really want to jump on board.

So I started weighing my options for just how to increase my sewing skills in the same way I had with knitting.  I wondered if there were “sewing circles”  like the fiber arts guild I attend with my knitting and crocheting friends.  I’m sure there must be something local, but I have not yet found them.  There is a local fabric shop that offers sewing classes and had a class for beginning garment sewing that I was contemplating.  However, neither my time nor my budget is unlimited and it was going to be a stretch for both of those areas if I signed up.

I was doing some online research trying to find some online classes that might work and in the process, I came across Bluprint.  I did read through a variety of online options but this one caught my eye.  A coincidental connection was that a year’s subscription for Bluprint was the exact same cost as the single sewing class I was thinking about.  The cost of the class did not include any materials needed for the project made.  I can appreciate that a local business cannot do all that a larger entity can do, but this was still a significant difference for me.

I considered this subscription a nice and very useful gift for my upcoming birthday and then it went on sale for an additional $20 off and I was sold.

Before I go on I want to add the disclaimer that I am not being compensated in any way for this review and paid for my subscription using my own funds.


  • 21 Topics to explore (baking, sewing, knitting, woodworking….)
  • Many classes offered under each topic for every skill level from beginner to advanced
  • Structured video classes that teach specific techniques and create projects
  • Class materials and patterns that can be downloaded to your computer and printed if you desire
  • Contact with the instructor if you run into problems or have questions

Since the holidays are quickly upon us and I am under the gun on some deadline projects I have only played and dipped my toe in some of the classes so far.

For example:

Since I’ve been wanting to learn how to do stranded colorwork I watched a couple of episodes of a class on this subject that created a colorwork tablet cover.  I didn’t finish the whole class at this time, but I followed along and knit about two to three inches of the pattern and felt very happy with the result I was getting.

I have watched some of the other classes (while working on my knitted gifts) without starting the projects just to get a feel for the classes.  There are several I’m very excited about completing.

  • The different stranded knitting classes
  • New-to-me dyeing techniques
  • How to knit your first sweater
  • Troubleshooting and repair for various crafts.
  • Sewing classes (of course)

When I start my planning for the upcoming year several of these will go on my New Year’s “I Can’t Wait to Learn” list.

I have also looked into some of the cooking courses and have explored some of the decor topics just a little.  There is a photography topic that I hope will give me an upgrade in the pics I post.

I call this a “First Blush” review because it is quite possible I’m still in the “infatuation” stage of this relationship and since I have yet to follow a class from beginning to end there is much about this that is still unknown to me.

Once I have completed some of the classes, I will come back and give an updated review to see what I have learned, liked and disliked.

After I subscribed to Bluprint I heard about Skillshare, which is a similar site.  Once I have really had time to explore Bluprint for a few months I plan to sign up for the free month introductory offer on Skillshare and try a class or two there and see how they compare.

All of this is giving me added motivation to get my gift knitting done, so I can really dive into these new projects and skills.

A final note: one very solid reason I have for signing up for this type of learning site has to do with scheduling.  I have attempted in the past to connect with people who are skilled in something I wanted to learn, but we are all busy, working people and it is very difficult to find that window of time that we both have available.  With this type of learning site, I can work whenever I have available time, from late evening to the unexpected day off.  That is a very big plus for me, especially since I have recently added two more days to my work week.

It’s been a very busy week with work and birthday celebrating, so while I’m still working away on my projects there is not a significant enough amount of progress to warrant new pictures.  NEXT post, I promise!

But if you will indulge me here.  I have to share this pic of my grandson who thinks it’s great fun to hide from me. 🙂


Whatever and however you celebrate I hope your days are filled with fun, light and crafty happiness.



P.S Three cheers to Chad (my hero) from WordPress who found and restored the above post after a technological hiccup.



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