Row by Row

So, for anyone with illusions about my age, this song might tip you off.  I’m a bit of an old hippie, not from the heydey, mind you, but close enough.  That being said, I really, really love Peter, Paul and Mary (RIP Mary), their music and their work.  This song seems especially appropriate for my life considering my love of all things of  fiber and plant.

Since Summer has rudely skipped right past Spring this year (alas, Spring, we hardly knew ye) I have had to really think about when I can work outside.  My love of my small garden and homestead is proven by the fact that this NOT-a-morning-person person is setting her alarm for 5:15 AM (!) in order to get up and out in the garden while it is still cool enough to work.


Some weeks ago we put out several seedlings and planted some seeds and are gratified once again by the emergence of the promise of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.  This week my tasks have been weeding out the rows, laying newspaper and mulch to keep down returning weeds and nourish what remains.  This is not a complex task but there is quite a bit of exertion involved.  After working my way down a row on my knees just to do the weeding part, I stumble to my feet again and walk around restoring circulation hoping no one attributes my staggering to early morning (or late night) drinking.

But as the song goes, “row by row” and I’m almost there.

The elderberry starts I was gifted are doing well.  Both plants still look a bit like a stick, but there are fresh leaves on each one.  Since they are so very young, I don’t hold out hope for any kind of harvest this year, but hopefully next harvest.  In the meantime, my herbs are doing beautifully and I am making plans to hang some to dry to add to my shelf for future use.  Today, I’m going to use my small dehydrator to dry some peppermint and catnip since I have a daughter in need of my “Cold Care” Tea and I haven’t any ready for her yet.

Just like I promised in Fibers and Magick Beans I did complete the Flying North socks.


They are comfy and warm and therefore will now be packed away for a while, but I’m looking forward to getting them out when the seasons turn again.

I also promised I would be casting on another pair with the CoBaSi sock yarn I was recently introduced to by my friend, Lea.  I haven’t gotten terribly far yet, but here is my progress so far:


The green toes were from a separate skein for coordinating heels and toes, but the teals you see are from the main color.  This pair is quite motivating since it is a self-striping yarn and I always want to push on to get to the next color change.  In fact, I stayed up quite late last night for someone who is trying to stick to an early schedule, saying, “just one more row, just one more…” As you can see the stripes are not exactly uniform, but I do like it with things are a bit random or abstract so that suits me just fine.

This pair, being made with lighter fibers, is intended for the warmer months, so wanting to get them done quickly, I am sticking to a vanilla pattern on these.

Then there’s this!:


A very kind friend, from the Fiber Arts Guild I attend,  just gave me a sweater’s worth of 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.  It has been one of my goals to make a sweater this year and when this was gifted to me unexpectedly I knew it was time to make good on that intention.  When I embark on something I haven’t done before I tend to go fairly simple until I feel more confident.  A sweater is a lot of work if you mess it up.  I’m currently looking through the patterns on my shelf of knitting books and magazines and Ravelry to decide on a pattern.  As I said, I don’t want anything overly complicated, but I still want something with some creative detail and appeal.  If anyone has any suggestions for a first sweater, I’d love to hear them.  Please comment and share your ideas.

Finally, I invite you to have a peek at my profile picture.  I am a bit camera shy, but I decided I ought to have an actual photo of myself for my various social media profiles.  My good friend, Amanda Hammond, is a freelance photographer and helped me get a picture I actually liked (quite a challenge).  We had some fun with it.


Let me just finish by saying that whatever your goals or dreams are, step by step, inch by inch, row by row. You can get there.





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